Color Invasion

iOS App



Color Invasion was a game that I thought up by drawing out my ideas on a note card. I would not say that the game is exactly the most impressive thing I have ever done, but I do feel like it does a good job of showing how my skills progressed.

After making a few games, I knew that I wanted to continue on and make more. In this app, I pushed development on improved animations and better UI. Astro-Scape and Murican’ Ninja in particular were two games with UI that is fundamentally very poor. One of the biggest factors was simplicity and color scheme. Astro-Scape suffered from cluttered UI and a really dull color scheme. Color Invasion took in a lighter tone and more fun overall design. It was interesting learning to develop a game that took in more than one finger at a time for input and was focused around a more defensive approach to game play.


screenshot 1
screenshot 2
screenshot 3
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