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Astro-Scape is the second game that I made using Unity3D. The game takes place in space, and the player’s role is to maneuver their ship through a meteor field. I made this game in 2015 alongside my brother and cousin who helped with ideas and design. Like all of my other apps made in Unity, I programmed it using C#.

As a beginner programmer, the greatest challenge that I faced while making this game was coming up with a system for ship customization. It was a challenge on both the code and UI side, and I tackled it by using a large amount of if statements. In my newest app Spinny Spot, I faced this challenge again; however, using new skills that I have learned over the past few years, I had minimal issues creating and designing a system for customization.

Astro-Scape is a game that I had high hopes for, but due to my small amount of experience at the time, it did not turn out to be as robust and involved as I had thought up in my head. If I had to go back and remake on of my older apps, this would be the one I would choose. I really think there is a lot of potential for new features and additions that would make it a really fun game. I would improve the particle design for the ship fire animation, and add random power-ups that the player could collect during the game.