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Spinny Spot is my latest game that I made with Unity3D and C#. Unique in style, this app focused on smooth animations and simple visuals. My focus was to build a user interface that looked good before I even started creating a game. I made a full size template before I even came up with the concept for Spinny Spot. This allowed me to focus on graphics before getting caught up in all the features that I wanted to add.

Initially, this game was only one endless mode where the player survived as long as they could, but now the game is focused on a level based format. Endless mode is still active in the game, but levels provide players with more satisfaction. I strived to build something that people wanted to come back to daily. The most important factor of that was making Spinny Spot a fun game.

One of the main things that I wanted in this game that I only ever attempted in Astro-Scape was player customization. There are over 50 different colors and skins that players can unlock, and this allows for rewarding sessions of gameplay. I personally love all the options and variety and have fun unlocking new skins.

I also implemented push notification for the first time in any of my apps. This is meant to increase user retention by telling the user when they can collect their daily reward. The most important thing is to not annoy anyone using the app, so I keep notifications at a minimum.

Spinny Spot is my best work in Unity that I have published by far, and I am happy with the way that it turned out. I have no problem recommending it to a friend because I truly believe it is a fun game.