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Swap the Colors was the second to last app that I published before recently releasing Spinny Spot. I would consider this game to be one of the most well rounded that I had made at the time because it brought together a decent looking user interface and fun gameplay.

The biggest challenge that I faced while creating Swap the Colors was creating the system for the bar at the bottom to move whenever the user tapped. It was difficult because I had to wrap the bar around the screen. I had to work around this by checking the location of each box and copying them over to either side of the screen depending on where the user clicked.

I also continued to work with particle effects in this app as I had done with Color Invasion. Spinny Spot shows that I have advanced in my skills related to using the particle emitter, but Swap the Colors does not have a need for anything too advanced.

I enjoyed making this app because I really started to understand and comprehend the code that I was writing. This allowed me branch out a little bit and try new things. I am glad that I kept making apps long enough in high school to make this one.