Website Sporadic is the current project that I am working on. It is a simple app that gives you random workouts throughout the week. It is a native iOS app built with Swift UI. I took on this project to learn how to build non-game apps. I have learned a lot about Swift, Swift UI, and iOS in general. This includes things such as local notifications, swapping app icons, and light/dark mode switching....

April 30, 2022 · Brendan Perry


Senior Capstone Project Purdue Fort Wayne 2020-2021 Problem Statement As a team, we want to correlate the symptoms of dementia to data, by researching said symptoms and the data that pertains to each symptom, to then be analyzed by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Once all symptoms are mapped to data that can be analyzed by AI, we will implement a prototype system to cover the collection of data. This data will pertain to said symptoms to the best of our ability given the availability of sensor technology at this time....

May 3, 2021 · Brendan Perry

Shaves and Fades

Website GitHub Shaves and Fades is a website that I made with a small group for a class my junior year of college. It is a simple website for a local barbershop. We got to practice using Node and Express. I worked on a protype scheduling system that is not in use.

December 16, 2020 · Brendan Perry

Simple Stocks

App Center GitHub Simple Stocks is a stocks app built for Elementary OS with GTK and Vala. It is my first Linux desktop app. I made this app because I wanted an app like this myself. My goal was to learn about building Linux apps as that is the directly I would like to go with my career in general. I want to contribute back to the community with free open source software....

September 23, 2020 · Brendan Perry


Hexmesh Duo is the most recent game that I have created. It has currently been put on hold for other projects. My goal with this game was to expand my reach with Unity into a 3D game because all of my previous games are 2D. Most of the skills I had learned from previous projects were transferrable; however, there were a few key differences. One of the biggest changes was creating 3D objects....

July 13, 2020 · Brendan Perry

Broke Life

GitHub BrokeLife is a project that I did for my Software Engineering class at Purdue Fort Wayne in my junior year. We chose groups of four people and chose a project to take on for the semester. The first part of the class has been dedicated to requirement analysis and planning, diagrams, and prototyping. We did presentations at the end of each month to show our progress. We made the project in Java and using GitHub to collaborate together....

May 5, 2020 · Brendan Perry

Spinny Spot

iOS App Store GitHub Spinny Spot is my latest game that I made with Unity3D and C#. Unique in style, this app focused on smooth animations and simple visuals. My focus was to build a user interface that looked good before I even started creating a game. I made a full size template before I even came up with the concept for Spinny Spot. This allowed me to focus on graphics before getting caught up in all the features that I wanted to add....

August 24, 2018 · Brendan Perry

Swap the Colors

iOS App Store Swap the Colors was the second to last app that I published before recently releasing Spinny Spot. I would consider this game to be one of the most well rounded that I had made at the time because it brought together a decent looking user interface and fun gameplay. The biggest challenge that I faced while creating Swap the Colors was creating the system for the bar at the bottom to move whenever the user tapped....

November 17, 2016 · Brendan Perry

Bomb the Balls

Bomb the Balls is a game that I came up with on accident. I wanted to learn more about 2D physics, so I started experimenting on my own. I got the idea for the game while practicing with bounce mechanics, and it ended up being the game that took the least amount of time to develop. Looking back on it now, Bomb the Balls is not a bad game; however, it is not exactly the most exciting either....

September 25, 2016 · Brendan Perry

Color Invasion

iOS App Store Color Invasion was a game that I thought up by drawing out my ideas on a note card. I would not say that the game is exactly the most impressive thing I have ever done, but I do feel like it does a good job of showing how my skills progressed. After making a few games, I knew that I wanted to continue on and make more....

January 27, 2016 · Brendan Perry